CAIR-AZ’s David Chami Appears on NPR (KJZZ) to Discuss #MuslimBan

CAIR-AZ’s David Chami Appears on NPR (KJZZ) to Discuss #MuslimBan

Board member, David Chami

On Wednesday, CAIR-AZ board member David Chami stopped in-studio with KJZZ – discussing the latest developments from the #MuslimBan:

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“The Supreme Court won’t formally take up the matter of the Trump administration’s six-nation travel ban until October, but last month, the court did allow some of the ban to take hold.

At this point, immigration officials can keep certain people from those six nations out of the U.S. if they can’t credibly claim a “bona fide” relationship with individuals or entities in this country.

To talk more about that assertion and its impact, we were joined by David Chami. He is a member of the Board of Directors of CAIR-Arizona, the Council on American-Islamic Relations.”