Guides and toolkits

Guides and toolkits

In addition to our reports and surveys, CAIR’s pocket guides, toolkits and other publications are available for download. Please contact us for information about ordering hard copies.

Know your rights pocket guide

This guide informs American Muslims of our legal rights. These are the same rights all Americans enjoy, but the guide focuses on issues Muslims commonly face. The guide gives information about:

  • Your rights as an employee
  • Your rights as a student
  • Your rights if stopped by the police
  • Your rights if federal law enforcement contacts you
  • Your rights if the Department of Homeland Security contacts you
  • Your rights as an airline passenger
  • How to tell if you might be on the no-fly list or a selectee list
  • What to do if faced with job discrimination
  • How to react to anti-Muslim hate crimes
  • Recommendations for activism including local involvement, contacting your elected representatives, and media advocacy

View the guide. (The content of this guide is available in non-PDF format here.)

Islamophobia pocket guide

This guide defines Islamophobia and explains its features, then offers steps we can all take to help challenge Islamophobia.

View the guide

Community safety kit

This toolkit was developed to help Muslim communities protect against acts of discrimination or physical attacks and to secure their basic legal rights. It includes recommendations for safety and security measures and how to respond in the event of an incident.

View the safety kit

Securing religious liberty handbook

This toolkit was developed to help Muslim communities protect against state-level efforts to legislate against Islam and to preserve religious liberty for all. It includes lessons learned from efforts in several states as well as suggestions on what to do before such legislation is introduced, once it has been introduced, and if it is passed.