I Am What Trump Seeks to Ban

The recent Executive Orders have put the Muslim and Latino communities directly under attack. Many Americans, including our own Civil Rights Director, Liban Yousuf – may have not been able to realize their dreams in this country, had the immigration ban been in affect when his parents migrated here before he was born. Support the […]

#HateHurts – Islamophobia and the Election: Spiraling Out of Control

With the election around the corner, we are seeing a massive upswing in violence and anti-Muslim targeting as a fallout from campaign rhetoric. Last week, an Agoura Hills, CA man was arrested with a cache of weapons after allegedly calling in death threats to a local mosque. This comes on the heels of a plot […]

#HateHurts – Violent Islamophobia is on the Rise

Once again, there has been a sharp upswing in violent Islamophobia in the U.S. In recent days, we have seen the Ft. Pierce mosque firebombed by an individual, who espoused anti-Islam sentiments. We have seen Muslim women attacked while pushing strollers in New York City. An armed militia protest also prompted a town in Georgia […]

Help CAIR-AZ This Ramadan!

CAIR-AZ has become a leading voice in fighting back against Islamophobia, and protecting our community’s civil rights. We need your help in sustaining and growing to become the most effective organization we can be. Visit cair-az.org/donation to make your tax-deductible, zakat eligible donation today!

12-Year-Old Boy Allegedly Called Terrorist by Teacher

This week in following stories in Islamophobia: A 12-year-old boy was reportedly called “terrorist” in front of classmates by a teacher. Also, there have been 7 anti-Muslim incidents on campuses across the U.S. this week alone.