Know Your Rights

Know Your Rights

Resource Link: “CAIR Know Your Rights Pocket Guide”

CAIR-Arizona specializes in helping uphold and defend the Constitutional Rights of the American Muslim Community.

We live in a very highly charged, polarized political climate – and during a time like this, it is common for agencies such as law-enforcement making decisions based on that very political climate, as opposed to Constitutional rights for all Americans.

Some recent examples of how this can manifest itself:

*FBI or Law Enforcement coming to the home of Muslim-Americans and gathering information without any type of warrant or probable cause.

*Religious questioning at the U.S. Border – This is becoming more commonplace recently, and is taking place on both the United States/Canada Border, as well as the United States/Mexico Border

-There have been reports of intrusive questions based on the fact that the traveler is Muslim – such as “How many times a day do you pray?” or “Do you eat halal meat?” which are violations of the person’s right to privacy.

-Personal belongings are often searched/confiscated – such as cellular devices, wallets, etc.

If you have experienced these types of interactions with law-enforcement, it is vital to contact a civil rights organization such as CAIR-AZ to discuss whether your rights have been violated.