CAIR-AZ Ramadan Iftar: Save the Date!

🌙 CAIR-AZ is excited to announce our annual Ramadan banquet, which will be on March 29th, 2024! This year’s theme will discuss the work that lays ahead for our communities, particularly with civil rights and advocacy. We will be delving into the crucial steps that need to be taken next. This will be a powerful […]

Advocacy 101: How to Contact your Elected Officials

CAIR-AZ in collaboration with Instituto is excited to bring the community Advocacy 101: How to Contact your Local Elected Officials. This training will provide the knowledge and skills necessary to feel confident when reaching out to your elected officials. You’ll learn how to find your elected officials, how to find the correct jurisdiction for an […]


It’s been more than 100 days of violence, bombings and devastation in Gaza. The innocent men, women and children deserve a life free of destruction, violence, hunger, and suffering. We demand for a CEASEFIRE NOW and urge all our community members to call and pressure their local representatives. We MUST bring an end to this […]

Combatting Islamophobia and Hate Crimes with Khaled Beydoun

CAIR-Arizona, in collaboration with Arizona Muslim Alliance, would like to invite you to an educational session on Islamophobia and Hate Crimes with Professor Khaled Beydoun. With the current climate and tremendous rise in Islamophobia, it’s extremely crucial that we educate ourselves and our communities on these issues and how we can help combat it. Join […]

Muslim Day at the Capitol

CAIR-AZ, in collaboration with the Arizona Muslim Alliance will be hosting Muslim Day at the Capitol on Thursday, February 22nd. This will be a day full of community and civic engagement, and it will be a chance for community members to meet their legislatures and make their voices heard.Join us as we discuss crucial topics […]

Gaza Emergency Fundraising Dinner

CAIR-AZ, in collaboration with the Palestinian American Medical Association (PAMA) and the Palestinian Community Center will be hosting a Gaza Emergency Fundraising Dinner on Saturday, February 24th at 6PM. We are honored to be joined by the powerful activist, author, and organizer Linda Sarsour, as our guest speaker. This fundraiser is aimed at gathering funds […]