Phoenix Business Journal: Arizona businesses rank among worst for religious discrimination complaints

CAIR-AZ: Arizona businesses rank among worst for religious discrimination complaints Mike Sunnucks, Phoenix Business Journal, 12 April 2013 Full Article (Subscription Required):  Connie Bibb and Usama Shami are worlds apart when it comes to faith and religion. Bibb, an evangelical Christian, is the pastor’s wife at the Pentecostals of Phoenix Church. Shami, a devout Muslim, is chairman of the Islamic … Read More

What to Make of the Hate Ads Popping up Across the Country?

In cities across the U.S. we are seeing a new battleground in the area of Islamophobia:  Transit ads.  Even though the sides of buses and subway stations are not thought of as a historical battleground for airing political dirty laundry – it seems to be a key strategy by the purveyors of the Islamophobia industry. Why, you ask?  Well, for … Read More

CAIR-AZ Chairman Leads Senate Floor Prayer

Chairman Hlayhel was honored to be the guest of State Senator Katie Hobbs, and delivered the Islamic prayer on the Senate Floor. Click Here To View The Video On Thursday, February 7th, 2013 – the Arizona State Senate’s prayer invocation was led by Anas Hlayhel – the Chairman of the Arizona Chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR-AZ.) … Read More

CAIR-AZ Meets with 5 Congressional Offices on Civil Rights Issues

CAIR reps from across the country held meetings with Congressional offices on a variety of important civl rights issues. CAIR-Arizona was proud to participate in the CAIR Advocacy Days on Capitol Hill on March 19th and 20th.  CAIR reps from across the country met with 168 Congressional offices – including 5 meetings by CAIR-AZ. The issues of Unlawful Detention, along with … Read More

Know Your Rights

Resource Link: “CAIR Know Your Rights Pocket Guide” CAIR-Arizona specializes in helping uphold and defend the Constitutional Rights of the American Muslim Community. We live in a very highly charged, polarized political climate – and during a time like this, it is common for agencies such as law-enforcement making decisions based on that very political climate, as opposed to Constitutional rights for … Read More

When Interfaith Goes Sideways

Interfaith events have always represented a paradox to me – yet, I find myself attending more and more of them.  On one hand – these events do give an opportunity to bridge religious gaps.  Conversely, the tenor of the events sometimes tend to be too sugary sweet – and representatives from all faiths have been guilty of toning out the … Read More

CAIR-AZ Reaction to Supreme Court’s SB 1070 Ruling

In reaction to today’s Supreme Court Ruling regarding Arizona’s Proposed Immigration Bill SB 1070, the Council on American Islamic Relations Arizona Chapter released the following statement: “While we are pleased with the Supreme Court striking down 3 out of the 4 key provisions in the controversial bill, we are deeply concerned about allowing the “papers-please” provision to remain in the … Read More