BE THE CHANGE – Recording

Tired of seeing people who are supposed to represent us hurt our community? Then, BE THE CHANGE! Learn about the resources out there that will help you run for local office! Contact Andrea Johnson, Regional Director for Run For Something here: [email protected]


Join us Tuesday, February 23rd at 1 PM as we partner up with Run For Something to talk about running for local office! Register here:

Know Your Rights: Employment Discrimination

CAIR-AZ presents the first KYR of 2021 with Shifa Alkhatib, a managing partner with HKM Employment Attorneys. If you or anyone you know has been discriminated against at the workplace, call (480) 704-3786 or email [email protected] Contact Shifa at : (480) 360-6607 or go to

CAIR-AZ Complete Video Series DEBUNKING Damask’s Islamophobic Module

Here is the complete series of videos that CAIR-AZ and Imam Omar Tawil from the Islamic Community Center of Tempe created to correct the Islamophobic module Damask is teaching at Scottsdale Community College. Click here for the Introduction video. CAIR-AZ Press Conference for the Initial lawsuit. CAIR-AZ Collation Letter Against Hate in the Classroom.

Know Your Rights Regarding the REPEALED #MuslimBan

The great team at CAIR-SFBA created this community advisory on what we can expect with the #MuslimBan being repealed. It was last updated January 20, 2021. In this advisory, a project of a coalition with the No Muslim Ban Ever campaign, drafted by the attorneys at CAIR-SFBA and Advancing Justice-Asian Law Caucus, we explain what the Proclamation does and […]