Bystander Intervention Training

CAIR-AZ’s Civil Rights Director, Ahmed Soussi, teaches bystander intervention. What is bystander intervention training? It is learning how to support someone who is being harassed in public. Stoping hate takes all of us. Learn how to make your community a more tolerable place! If you or anyone you know has been discriminated against call CAIR-AZ […]

Know Your Rights: Personal Injury | CAIR-AZ + Zayed Al-Sayyed, Esq.

CAIR-AZ presents the fourth KYR of 2021 with Zayed Al-Sayyed, the founder of the The Law Office of Zayed Al-Sayyed. Zayed not only practices personal injury law, but also criminal defense and immigration removal defense. Contact Zayed at (602) 952-9937 or go to If you or anyone you know has been discriminated against at […]

Iftar’ing with Senator Martin Quezada

Senator Martin Quezada joins CAIR-AZ for Iftar to discuss the Arizona State Legislature and the importance of paying attention to bills that affect our communities. 

Iftar’ing with CAIR-AZ and CUSD Governing Board Member Lindsay Love

Access to information is a fundamental right and can empower any community— whether it’s for life skills, healthcare, legal or educational resources. We are having the amazing Lindsey Love who is a Chandler Governing Board member for Iftar to talk about the importance of staying involved with your school board especially if you have children. […]

Iftar’ing with Secretary of State Katie Hobbs

Secretary of State Katie Hobbs joins CAIR-AZ for Iftar to discuss the importance of staying informed and how to avoid misinformation during an election. We want to expand the Muslim voter turnout from the 2020 election to the 2022 election. Help support this effort by donating to CAIR-AZ: