CAIR-AZ Team Members Attend Capitol Hill Days in DC

This past weekend, members of the CAIR-AZ team gathered in Washington DC to participate in Capitol Hill Day visits with elected officials.  Our team members scheduled visits with various members of the Senate and House of Representatives, on both the Democrat and Republican sides.  Our goal was to engage with these congressional offices on issues that impact the civil rights of all Americans, including members of our communities.

It is vital to engage with our representatives to ensure that they are aware of any type of legislation that can positively or negatively impact their constituency.  This was a great experience for team members who are doing this for the first time – exposing them to the facets of representative government and the legislative process.  These meetings are also key for when the members of Congress are back in Arizona – where the offices are open for in-district meetings.  This gives an opportunity to discuss the key issues in a more relaxed environment, as opposed to the fast-paced Washington DC atmosphere.

CAIR-AZ will continue to cultivate and train new leaders from the community to participate in initiatives like this.  If you would like to schedule a civic-engagement training or would like to learn more about our programs – e-mail us at or through the Contact Form on this website.