CAIR-AZ Reps Heading to DC to Engage with Elected Officials

We are only a month away from what has become a great yearly tradition for the CAIR-Arizona team – Muslim Day on Capitol Hill.  Each year, delegates from the nation’s CAIR chapters meet in Washington D.C. to engage with elected officials, and discussing key issues facing our communities.

In 2013, CAIR-AZ met with Congressional offices – discussing issues such as: Extrajudicial exile of American citizens abroad, Anti-bullying legislation, and Religious questioning and detainment targeting Muslims/Arabs/South Asians at U.S. Borders.

These provide great opportunities to get to know our local elected officials, and to let them know what many of their constituents are concerned about on a local, state and national level.  By bringing these issues to their attention, we are ensuring that your voice is heard and responded to in a timely manner.

In 2014, we are planning to expand our reach and ensure even more offices are engaged with.  Additionally, we will be holding in-district meetings with these elected officials here in Arizona – which will create a great opportunity for community members like you to meet and speak with these Congressional offices – stay tuned!