Kristy Sabbah

Kristy Sabbah is a prominent member of the Muslim community here in Arizona.   She has lived in the community for the past 12 years.   Prior to moving to Arizona she obtained her Bachelor's degree in Information Technology and worked as a computer programmer in South Dakota.  

Since moving to Arizona Kristy has served the Muslim community through multiple  organizations.  Her first role in Arizona was as a refugee coordinator for America Muslim Woman in America (AMWA) providing assistance to refugees from all over the world. 

Along with non-profit work Kristy also worked as a computer instructor at Arizona Cultural Academy (ACA), and as a Vice Principal at the ACA's Sunday school.  

Six years ago Kristy helped start the Muslim Girl Scouts here in Arizona.   She is still a very active member not only within the Muslim scouts but with the girl scouts community at large here in Arizona. 

Kristy is also an active member within the Islamic Center of the East Valley and currently serves as the female coordinator on the board of directors at ICEV.

Kristy Sabbah
Outreach Coordinator