Help CAIR-AZ Continue to Grow

Dearest Friends, As Salam Alaikum 

The CAIR-AZ team has taken things to the next level in 2016.  We are receiving national and global attention for the the innovative work that our chapter is doing in the realm of civil rights and Islamophobia.  We are living in a time where an organization like ours is indispensible, and is helping stand up for the rights of our community.

Some examples:



#HateHurts:  This vital project is taking the lead on tracking Islamophobia and its fallout on many communities.  Organizations, such as the ACLU have featured our work on bringing this troubling phenomenon to light.  To date, this site is getting traffic from all over the world, being used as an educational resource and tracking tool.  


Muslim Capitol Day:  On March 3rd, we took a group of leaders to the State Capitol of Arizona to engage and meet with our elected officials.  During a time of heightened anti-Muslim rhetoric, and polarization politically - it is vital to make our presence heard as a community.  Watch:



Defending Your Rights:  CAIR-AZ has continuously been on the forefront of defending the rights of the AZ community.  We have also been representing two asylum-seekers from Gaza, who have been detained for nearly 500 days in an Arizona immigration holding facility.  We are helping these men navigate the legal process, and through the teamwork of many organizations, advocates and journalists - have seen one of them released on bond as his case proceeds.  

Add this, to our everyday work in the realm of advocacy, conducting anti-bullying seminars, interfaith, voter registration and outreach - and you can see that this chapter is doing some excellent things.  Our goal is to build a new generation of strong leaders that can represent this community, and to counter the challenges facing our community today.

None of this would be possible without your help.  CAIR-AZ needs your assistance to help this momentum continue forward.  By donating $1,000, $100, $50, or even $10 - you can ensure that we push these ambitious projects forward into the future.  Click the form below to contribute to one of the most important civil rights organizations in America today.




CAIR Arizona is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All donations to CAIR Arizona are tax-deductible (Federal Tax ID:  86-1045521.) ​You can also set up a monthly donation - by emailing or by calling our office at (480) 704 -3786.



Imraan Siddiqi

Executive Director