May 3rd, 2013

Dealing With the Boston Aftermath: ICC Tempe Friday Night Halaqah

Date: May 03, 2013 Time: 7:30PM Price: n/a

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The CAIR Arizona chapter will be hosting ICC’s Friday Night Halaqah.

In the aftermath of the horrific Boston attacks, there has been a sharp upswing in the area of placing collective blame on Muslims, as well as the re-emergence of Islamophobia at a high level. We will discuss some of the issues we have been dealing with as a community, as well as what CAIR-AZ has been doing in the aftermath. We will also be discussing how we can empower activism at the grassroots level by engaging our local community and building allies. We would love community members to share their thoughts and give input as to what they have experienced in recent days as well! We will also introduce our new Civil Rights Coordinator as well as showcase the new CAIR-AZ website.

Featured Panelists 
Imraan Siddiqi: CAIR-AZ Board Member
Yasir Shareef: CAIR-AZ Board Member
Neekta Hamidi: CAIR-AZ Volunteer and MLA member 
Samantha Noyes – CAIR-AZ Civil Rights Coordinator 

Come join us Friday after Maghrib!